Best Concealed Carry Handgun – Glock 27 and 40 Cal round

Concealed Carry permits and people concealing a weapon are much more common than most people realize. Weather it’s on a walk, to work, the store, or a concert, more people than you probably know are carrying a concealed handgun. In my opinion, getting a concealed carry permit is very good idea. There’s no way the government can regulate and legislate safety (take Virginia Tech for example, a gun-free campus), so it’s up to us as private citizens to stand up to aggressors or shooters. Someone who intends to shoot up a school or crowded place is far less likely to fire on a group if he knew that some people were concealing weapons, ready to shoot back. But if you are going to conceal a handgun, what is the Best Concealed Carry Handgun to get?

For this category, we’ve picked the Glock 27 as the Best Concealed Carry Handgun on the market today. It was chosen because of its size, round, capacity, reliability / readiness and price.


The Glock 27 is a sub-compact sized handgun, which is probably the best and most popular size of a gun to carry concealed. Many people associate pocket pistols with concealed guns, but the truth is they’re usually too small to do a ton of damage because of their large recoil as well as difficulty of aiming. The compact sized handgun is a little bit big in my opinion for regular concealed carry on your person, as it would be more difficult to conceal (I’m 6’3″ and 230 lbs and I think it’s too big). That means the Sub-Compact is the perfect compromise of the small overall footprint, while being big enough to shoot and stop effectively. Lastly, because of the small overall size, they feel great in smaller hands, especially in women, and the recoil of the Glock 27 is not bad at all for weaker hands to control.


The Glock 27 chambers a 40 cal (.40 S&W) round, which we have decided to be the Best Caliber for Concealed Carry. It has the stopping power of a .45 ACP round, while keeping the smaller size of the 9mm round. The round has great stopping power, especially when you use hollow point or other self-defense rounds. Some people think the 9mm round is the best round because of its price and availability, but I don’t think the round is powerful enough for self-defense purposes.


When you compare revolvers and semi auto pistols, the semi autos win by a landslide in overall capacity. Revolvers can only keep about 5-6 rounds, but semi auto pistols can hold much more. The Glock 27 comes with a standard 9 round magazine, and you buy magazines that have 11, 13, 15 and 17 round capacities. You probably won’t be nearly as accurate when you actually do need to pull out your concealed weapon, because of the stress, rapid heartbeat, and a solid chance that it’s dark outside. Because of those, you want as many rounds as you can hold. One of the worst things would be having 1 fewer round than you need. This gun is perfect for that, and if need a ton of rounds, changing the magazine is very quick and easy, especially compared to reloading a revolver.

Reliability / Readiness

Glocks are traditionally known to be some of the most reliable guns on the market. They designed to be simplewhich makes them reliable in almost any circumstance. People have put the Glocks through ridiculous torture tests, and they have stood up to almost anything. They are also known for the safety being built into the trigger, which means no more worrying about a safety to hassle with when you need the gun to function. If you pull the trigger, it will shoot.


Another great thing about the Glock 27 is its price. There are many other guns that are great for concealed carry, and some of the top names in the industry (Kimber, H&K, SIG). All of those other brands are significantly more expensive than the Glock, so for the quality of gun you get for the price, I’d buy two Glocks before one of the luxury brands. You can find them new for about $400-500 compared to a $800 H&K USP Compact.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Glock 27 is the Best Concealed Carry Handgun available. It’s small enough to easily conceal, yet large enough to shoot powerfully and accurately when you really need it to. The .40 S&W cartridge is small enough to have a large magazine capacity, yet powerful enough to take down almost any attacker. The Glock is extremely reliable in any circumstance, and is ready to fire at any time, all for a quite reasonable price.

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