The Philosophy of Self Defense

Greetings everyone, this is your Minister of Defense with a note on the philosophy behind self defense. This was written in an effort to de-mystify some of the perception of self defense, or what some might call martial arts training. Let us start by learning what self defense is. It is not about physical self defense lessons, (although we would love to have you take a class). Self defense should not be intimidating, for it is something that we should all posses in my opinion. As a self defense instructor, I am perplexed as to the rather cavalier attitude some have about learning basic self defense techniques.

Thinking that nothing will ever happen to them because they are living in a gated community or have a husband with a martial arts background. Furthermore, self defense is not about complicated martial arts moves that take years to memorize. Moreover, self defense is not about buying self defense weapons or products thinking that just because you have pepper spray, stun guns, or Tasers, you will be automatically protected. These weapons and products do serve as a good deterrent, but there is one component that is missing.

Without subscribing to the correct mindset, all the martial arts moves, and self defense lessons, and self defense products in the world will be of no use to you when it counts! Now let’s talk about what self defense is and should be. Self defense starts with the matter located in between the ears…the mind. Some of us are more timid by nature, as such, learning the basics of self preservation either through, martial arts training, or self defense lessons, should really be considered. Self defense is also about having enough confidence to decide from the start that you will not be a victim. Knowing that we are all forms of energy, it is up to you to decide what type of vibes you are broadcasting to the world. In nature, the predator will pick out the weak based on posture, and it is no different with humans.

For the most part, people with less than honorable intentions will prey on those who do not display confidence versus someone who walks with confidence and looks others straight in the eye. So what type of person are you? One that knows you need to do something about having the correct mindset, or are you a pro-active person that decided to no longer be a victim?

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